About My Blog

Some of the fondest memories from my childhood are of family celebrations, surrounded by the people I love and lots of amazing food created by my mom (Beverly) and my grandma (Ruby). During family gatherings, I gravitated towards the kitchen, where Grandma Ruby gave me the job of stirring the gravy. (I was SO proud to have such an important task at such a young age.) Looking back on it, I now know that she was just trying to keep me busy and out of the way while she and mom cooked up a storm.

These two ladies collected cookbooks, clipped recipes from magazines and swapped favorites.  My mom, in her later years, gathered “the best of the best” and organized them into a collection of notebooks. This collection of tried and true recipes, her library of cookbooks and numerous folders of recipe clippings were handed down to me when she passed away.  Of all the things I got when she died, the hand-written recipes from her and my grandma are my most-treasured. I toyed with the idea of how to share some of these recipes and pay tribute to the two ladies who inspired my love of cooking, and that’s how my little corner of the internet was born. Of course there’s more to the story, including how learning all this technology was enough to make my head spin and grow a few more gray hairs. But we can talk about that some other day……with a glass of wine.

Since I LOVE baking, most of the recipes featured here will focus on the sweeter side of the kitchen. I use common, everyday ingredients, so you won’t have to run all over town looking for that specialty item. The recipes are no-fuss and easy enough for beginning bakers, but are so crazy-good, your friends will think you spent hours in the kitchen. (Shhhh…that can be our little secret!). I will also include some of the down-home, comfort entrees I grew up on. Minnesota is known as “casserole country”, so you might find a few of those as well.

Thanks again for visiting! My hope is that you will try some of these recipes, which will become favorites for you to pass down thru your family as well. Come back soon!

About Me

I am a native Minnesotan and am lucky enough to have spent most of my professional life in the kitchen as a freelance food stylist. It’s a pretty good gig for someone who loves cooking as much as I do. I love all things kitchen-related, read cookbooks as a hobby and enjoy preparing food for anyone who is hungry. My favorite food is chocolate, I am a DIY fanatic, gardener-wannabe and I avoid doing laundry as much as humanly possible.  When I am not in the kitchen, I enjoy being outdoors,  love spending time with my family and taking naps with our beloved dog, Indy.